Thursday, March 24, 2016

Question: Do you think the Canucks are losing deliberately? I get that to acquire a favourable draft position, it's good to finish low in the standings, but does it diminish the brand to tank it on purpose?

I'll put this as simply as I can.

If I thought that it was in the culture of a sport to step onto the ice/field/court/poker table? and try to do anything but win, I wouldn't watch that sport. I live in a world where no one tanks. There's no point playing the game if you don't respect the goal of winning. It's more important than the winning itself. Without respecting the game, you're a big league douche and I don't want to endorse you with my attention.

So is Vancouver tanking? Fuck no. They're accepting their rebuild now that injuries have given them the opportunity to play a lot of young players. Does that mean they won't win as many games? Sure. Could you claim this is a strategy to fall further in the standings? I suppose you could, but I think it's more about giving young guys a chance to develop. Those young guys are still going out there to win, and they'll secure jobs by helping their team achieve that goal.

Short Answer: I think it's pretty hard to hurt a team's 'brand' this way. The Maple Leafs get accused of tanking almost every year and they still have a shit-tonne of loyal fans.

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