Sunday, March 20, 2016

Question: Can you explain puppymonkeybaby?

I'm going to drop the façade for this one.

Does anyone know what the fuck this is? I'm not a big fan of these completely irreverent, frenetic commercials that have spawned from the irreverent, less-frenetic trend of humorous ads in the last few years.

For a time, televisions ads were funnier than ever, until every single brand decided they needed something whacky. I think the worst one I've seen, way after the shark was jumped, was a Subway add where they just casually mention 'laser-wolves' or something like that. It was so terrible and off-brand I couldn't help but be disgusted.

I don't know if combining three things with CG in an energy drink commercial should be considered a marketing strategy. Here's the pitch meeting. "Hey! There's caffeine in this! Let's do some crazy shit and people who are caffeinated will be like, Damn!, and we'll make a shut load of coin, bruh."

So fuck that commercial.

Short Answer: Random crap and loud music is not entertainment. This sort of thing doesn't deserve accolades or attention.

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