Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Question: Will you eat baloney?

Baloney is too expensive.

That's a joke. Yea, I'll eat baloney. I don't very often, but I will, again, assuming I don't die on the way to the baloney.

I like baloney fried with relish on it. Again, no joke. Or I like it raw in a sandwich with Miracle Whip and sliced tomatoes. Again, stop laughing, this is real.

When I was younger, my mom would put the tomatoes in a separate foil packet in my lunch so that the tomatoes wouldn't make the bread soggy. This is all true.

In Newfoundland, there is a joke that says baloney is 'Newfie steak'. This is a reflection of how poor Newfoundlanders are, not on how much they like fish like you may have thought. Not everything is about fish. Mostly, it's about not having jobs because everybody stole the fish.

That's about enough of this.

Short Answer: I like mortadella, the Italian baloney. It's got more attitude.

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