Friday, February 26, 2016

Question: Could you do a Top Ten list? I think it's been a while. Sorry if I'm wrong.

First of all, you're right to apologize. People don't apologize to me nearly enough. Second, I think you're right, but you should apologize for pointing it out. You dick.

Top Ten Seven-Word Phrases You Don't Want to Hear From Your Boss

10) "Are you guys doing anything after work?"
9) "Because I'm one of those cool bosses."
8) "Ho, you best have my money tonight."
7) "You're disgraceful, so clean out your desk."
6) "I wish you weren't my son, Keith."
5) "This toilet isn't going to un-shit itself!"
4) "We're changing the computer system effective immediately."
3) "You're working this weekend then you're fired."
2) "Did you fill it out with bureaucracy?"
1) "I make three-hundred times your salary."

Short Answer: I got in over my head pretty quick, here, on account of the fact that I'm unfamiliar with the corporate world. I know this because I don't laugh at Dildo, or Milton, what's it called? The office comic strip? Anyway, I'm not quite sure what goes on at offices. I think it's a bunch of memos and lunches and TPS reports.

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