Sunday, January 3, 2016

Question: You missed a day bro, should we be worried ?

Ah. Someone noticed.

That was actually a super weird situation. I took a week off from my other writerings, and was sort of back and forth on the idea of taking some time off from the blog. But the blog, being what it is, doesn't have to be time consuming, so I kept answering as long as I felt like it.

On that particular day, I'd written a blog post on my phone and forgot to share it to Facebook. The next morning, when I went to write a new one, I faced the dilemma of posting two on Facebook, or just never sharing the previous night's work. In a fit of holiday 'I don't give a shits' I shared the already completed post and walked away from my stunned monitor.

Wasn't an all-in decision or a strategy, just a chill moment where it didn't seem to matter. Surprised it doesn't happen more often, to be honest.

Short Answer: Maybe you should be worried. Not bothering seems to suit me.

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