Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Question: What do you think of CM Punk's rating in the new UFC game?

Okay. Here's the catch-up.

CM Punk was a professional wrestler. He thought the people who ran WWE were dicks and he left. Then he signed some sort of contract with UFC and has been training in mixed martial arts. He's never fought in the octagon.

In the new game, UFC 2, I think, he's got an 85 out of 100 rating. People are annoyed because he's never really competed.

Here's the thing.

Fuck you.

You think UFC got involved in the CM Punk business because he was going to be great in the octagon and make a ton of money winning? No. It's a brand thing. CM Punk is good for business, and that means playing to the many fans who will pick up this game just to play as CM Punk, fans who would be disappointed if he was totally shitty.

It hurts no one. Calm the fuck down.

Short Answer: Like those ratings mean shit anyway.

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