Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Question: Hashtag You suck.

I present to the crown case number 1849, bringing to the court's attention that it is quite possibly the asker of this question who sucks, and not the accused.

First of all, the asker wrote 'hashtag' rather than use an actual hashtag. Also hashtag is not a word. It's spelled hash tag. Also writing hashtag or hash tag is only funny when done like this: #hashtag.

Secondably, the 'y' in 'you' is capitalized. This is incorrect and means the asker bangs goats.

And for my final piece of evidence, the asker didn't even ask a question, therefore not even qualifying as an asker. Rather, I suggest, the asker is just some douche with no time to learn learnings.

Short Answer: As the proposed asker didn't bother to show up for his trial, turns out he's guilty. By the way, I'm the judge. You are in fact a goat fucker, and are sentenced to getting fucked, in turn, by goats.

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