Friday, October 4, 2013

Question: I have read every single one of your bloggy entries. How does that make you feel?


Fucking good.

Just the last few days my traffic has been down (for no conceivable reason) so this comes at a very opportune time.

There are benefits to this blog that are purely selfish. For those who don't know, I write fiction, and I find getting up in the morning and doing my blog is like stretching the old brain pan. It gets me sitting, gets me working, gets me writing.

But that doesn't mean it's a journal. I don't do it to take down all my inside thoughts, or cleanse myself of negative feelings. I chose this format to entertain people. So it goes without writing that I need people to actually read the damn thing.

I often tell me friends they shouldn't feel like they need to read the blog. They know my humour; they can get it from the source. But when they do read it, and refer something back to it, it makes me feel like I haven't been wasting my motherfuckin' time for three years. That's tasty affirmation.

The fact that you sir or ma'am have read every entry can mean only one thing. You are bored in prison. No, it can only mean that you understand what I'm doing here. That the goal is to entertain, and any perceived self-indulgence is just to further the character and the delivery, and therefore further the enjoyment.

So thanks for getting it.

(Okay, maybe there's a little self-indulgence once in a while. Shhhhh! Don't tell.)

Short Answer: There's probably a whole bunch of other stuff you should be doing with your time.

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