Sunday, September 1, 2013

Question: Would you rather be celibate or a vegetarian for a whole year?

The most interesting thing about this question is I think my answer would've been different a few years ago.

I like sexy time as much as the next broheim, but in general I find people's fascination with getting laid a bit ridiculous. And I love meat. I eat meat. I cook meat. Meat.

So as few as maybe five years ago, this would've been a slam dunk for celibacy, 'cause daddy wants bacon.

But something changed. I've come to realize that the desire to fuck is one of the big ones, and that the fuckening is not something to be taken lightly. Not all people are lucky enough to get the fuckery when they want, and even fewer enjoy the person they do the fucking with as much as I do.

Vegetarianism would be a lifestyle choice, both a challenge and a change. And yet the fact that there are health benefits that could be explored is tempting. (Something else that has become more relevant as I get older.) Whereas the benefit of not fucking is getting that 'I want to fuck feeling' and then having to do something else, like mop the floor.

Fuck that.

Short Answer: Vegetarian.

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