Sunday, September 8, 2013

Question: What did you think of the James Franco roast?

I loved it.

I'm not a huge fan of these roasts. I like the style of humour and I think the freedom to offend, or be risqué or whatever you want to call it, leads comedians down some pretty interesting paths. I love a really good joke that you couldn't tell anywhere else, where everyone laughs and knows they're horrible people. That's a good feeling.

But the Franco roast was better than all that. First, you could tell that many of the people were actually friends, and there was an undertone of that carried through the whole night. It was like watching a group of pals doing this ridiculous thing because they thought it would be a strange and exciting experience.

There also wasn't any crappy celebrity there who sucked. In almost every other roast there's some idiot that's famous trying to be funny, and everyone praises them and licks their butts because they tell a few jokes that someone else wrote for them. That stuffs seems fake and lame.

In the Franco roast, everyone had their own shit, that was clear. And each person did their own thing in exactly the way you expected. And when there were surprises, they were delightful. For example, Hader's 'Hollywood' character and Samberg's intense commitment to his personal style of roasting.

I thought only Leggero came off a little token, but she also had the most scathing joke of the night in relation to hoping that Hader was the Hartman of his generation. Hader's reaction to that was hilarious, as he mouthed, 'Jesus Fucking Christ'. He spent the rest of the night laughing his ass off, which added some contrast and punch to that particular moment.

Short Answer: Definitely my favorite of the comedy central roasts.

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