Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Question: Is there more to the story?

Rule #1 - Don't criticize the question. You want people to engage, to interact with your blog, to spread humour and positivity throughout the multiverse.

Rule #2 - Write the rest of the rules soon.

This is tough. So far I only have one rule, and my instinct upon reading this question was to break said rule.

I'll try to say it nice.

This is some pretty vague shit right here.

Yes, there's almost always more to the story. More that the author chose not to write, or more that the reporter couldn't find a source for, or more that didn't fit the politician's agenda when approving the speech. More, more, more.

Ask JK Rowling. Apparently there's even more to that long-ass story.

Short Answer: There's more to this short answer, too. My repugnant expression, for one.

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