Monday, September 23, 2013

Question: How did you feel about the Emmys last night?


The first twenty minutes or so were pretty good. I laughed a few times, and enjoyed the categories. Then I got bored so fast that I did something I almost never do while watching TV. I started to read something. Didn't make a choice, didn't weigh my options, just stood up, got a book and sat back down.

I looked up for the quasi-witty mid-show number that by its own admission was totally unnecessary. I remember Will Ferrell showing up and doing a bit that didn't work all that well that everyone pretended to like anyway because they were so happy for the diversion.

I think Michel Douglas made a couple of raunchy jokes that were pretty good. Someone complained about the teleprompter not working, and NPH got a single laugh in the second half, while looking like he simultaneous was super chill and trying to hurry things along.

What was with having people who won awards giving the next awards? That takes the speech away. Is that like how they bargain them down, now? "You're going to win, but only if you forego your speech and be a presenter."

Other than that, I recall a lot of my favorite actors and shows being swallowed up by larger, more mainstream fair. As per usual.

What the fuck is Nurse Jackie?

Short Answer: Nice to see Colbert get his gold.

Note: Okay, I felt like I did a crappy job of this. So I went back and looked at the list of winners to remind myself what happened. Really happy about the Veep wins, which is one of the reasons I enjoyed the early part of the show. Obviously happy to see Breaking Bad win things, to prove that quality still counts above all else. Louis C.K. rightfully won for best writing comedy variety for his stand-up special Oh My God, though I don't remember that being in the broadcast. Also dug seeing Newhart, and I think the Newsroom should go fuck itself, even if Jeff Daniels is awesome and hilarious.

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