Saturday, August 3, 2013

Question: Where does one find oneself?


I'll tell you one thing, if someone out there is lost, this question sure as fuck isn't going to help them out any.

Is this asking where to do you go to find yourself? But you're already where you are. If you need to be found, stop looking. Especially if you're looking into a funhouse mirror that's making it seem you're not standing where you thought you were.

Is this supposed to be the 'finding yourself' thing that teenagers say they're doing when they spend their parents' money 'backpacking' through Europe just so they can get high and drunk with a bunch of Canadians and Australians? 'Cause you can do that sort of finding anywhere. You just need too many shots of one thing, and a few cans of another.

Yea, okay. I think I get it. If you have to 'find yourself', then where do you do it? My answer is that location isn't as important here as it is in real estate, especially because the person you're trying to 'find' is just in your brain, wrapped up in a bunch of crippling neuroses and indefatigable doubts. Try sitting the fuck down and taking a deep breath, then visualize what kind of person you'd feel most happy being, then be that person. Being yourself is overrated when you're an asshole.

Short Answer: Try Antwerp. You're already halfway there if you think you need to travel to find yourself.

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