Monday, August 12, 2013

Question: What has been your favourite question to answer, and why?

I have answered 965 questions on this blog. And you have the audacity to ask me which one is my favourite? How dare you, sir? How dare you?

Well, I never.

Like most parents with more than one child, I have a definite favorite. But to reveal that would deeply scar the other children, and it would turn this post into basically just a link for the other post. That just won't do.

I think my favorite sorts of questions to answer are the ones that instantly inspire a humorous response, even a one liner. Then, I do little work but feel like I hit the ball out of the park.

The ones I'm most proud of are probably the movie related lists, the ones with lots of opinion in them, because I think they balance out the insanity of the blog with legitimate critique. Any top ten is fun, and my humorous top tens are some of my more popular articles.

If I had to pick one favorite one, just off the top of the old bean, I remember being quite fond of the Batman, Jack Bauer, Jesus foot race. That was pretty early on, and the first time I realized the potential of letting my particular beast out in the open.

Short Answer: 966.

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