Monday, August 19, 2013

Question: Two side by side penises, laying in the sand?

Totally normal. I'm not reaching for the mace at all. No sir. Everything's cool.

(Reaches for mace)

((By the way, when I say I'm reaching for the mace, I don't mean I'm reaching for a spray bottle of chemicals. I mean I'm reaching for the medieval mace that I keep on my desk. It has a wooden handle and a smooth iron ball at the top. I like to go spikeless with my maces because then the damage is all blunt force with no piercing. Unless you're wearing a breastplate, spikes are just superfluous.))

Sure. Are these side by side penises lopped off and laying on the ground, or are we talking two guys bro-ing out, nearly touching the tips?

Either way, it has a place in our world. Drug cartel stuff or gay stuff, it's there.

Short Answer: This feels to me like a question borne of someone misunderstanding the lyrics to an old song. "Dude, those aren't the words. Why would Carole King be singing about dicks?"

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