Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Question: My boyfriend is getting ready to tell me how much debt he has. How high is too high, and is there an amount at which I should dump him?

The first question you have to answer is, 'Does he make me happy?' If the answer isn't clear, try, "Does he make me laugh?', 'Does he make me climax?" or 'Does he cook my food?' If the answer to any of those questions his yes, who gives a fuck how much debt he has?

If he as a 500,000 in debt, you can make yourself laugh, make yourself cum, and use the fucking microwave.

You don't want to be dumping someone because he has the traits of a loser as society dictates, you want to dump him because he has the traits of a loser as you dictate. How much money you make, or how much he owes isn't relevant unless you're an insecure d-bag who wants to fiddle with someone else's life. Besides, those mistakes are in the past. You'd fall in love with a rapist if he was done feeling rapey, wouldn't you?

Oh. My bad.

Short Answer: One might claim that they're never completely done feeling rapey.

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